Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Have We Done?

Bicycle Tour of Colorado’s 15th anniversary tour… This trip is spectacular: you will need to test your mettle on four, count them four, near century days, two 12,000 foot passes, the Grand Mesa, and a lower pass. Total route mileage, if you partake in the must-do Colorado National Monument ride on the second day is about 555 miles for the week. This is easily the longest tour ever for the BTC. Despite the length, I believe that the ride will be worth just about every mile. The Grand Mesa (which is a first for the BTC, I believe), Colorado National Monument (another first), Independence Pass, Cottonwood Pass (another first), and Crested Butte all offer incredible scenery and fantastic cycling challenges.

Summary: 555 miles. 40,000 feet of climbing. two 12,000 foot passes. 15 miles of dirt road.

Should be fun!

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