Friday, June 5, 2009

Preparation Trepidation

Though I’m fairly sure I’ll acclimate with time during BTC, it’s been a long time since I have been at high altitude. The last time I was in Colorado was in April of 2001 (Megan hopefully remembers that trip…).

555 miles in a week over 6 days. That’s averaging ~92 miles per day, though seeing photos of previous BTCs, I’m thinking that I’m fit enough, even with my steady training diet of Biggie sized Wendy’s #2 combos, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts and Pibb Xtra (when did it stop being Mr. Pibb, anyway?).

Plus, this 2009 BTC escapade is going to be whirlwind, given hectic work and life schedules leading up to and immediately following the trip. As it is, we’re not going to get to Glenwood Springs until the afternoon prior to the Sunday start. That gives us all of half a day to chill out, find some food, and chill out some more before starting the first ride across McClure Pass at 8700 feet.

I’m not worried about Arron. He’s all healthy eating, core training, and quintuple shot cappuccinos. He’s going to laugh at everyone as he cruises skyward at two miles above sea level.

The biggest concern I have is do I have all my gear in order. Should I get one of those fredly handlebar bags that will hold enough warm gear to make it to Everest base camp, or do I stuff some arm warmers and knee warmers in the back of the wind vest and call it good? What am I going to forget that I’ll really wish I hadn’t forgotten?


Time to go throw some fresh brake pads on the bike and load some more Rossini on the mp3 player.


  1. are you guys on twitter? I definitely want to hear about this challenge and how you guys ride. sounds absolutely epic for sure (jealous and drooling).

  2. i am on twitter, but dont twitter, just follow along. our plan, if AT&T allows it, is to update this site as we trudge along the Rockies. if i have service or we find some WiFi we can upload ride descriptions and pics.