Monday, June 22, 2009

Beautifully Brutal

Monday's ride up Grand Mesa was crazy. After a stiffer start to the
day than expected, the real climbing began. Beginning right at mile
20 all the way to the mountaintop aid station at mile forty there was
nothing but incline. No flat to the road and no downhill respite.
Arron made it all the way without stopping. I stopped three different
times, but eventually made it to the top of the Mesa at 10800+ feet.

The payoff came immediately after refueling. The descent off the Mesa
was epic. About 25 solid miles of downhill with fast speeds and
buffeting winds. Then a fast ride along a rushing river through a
beautiful canyon.

Another amazing ride.

(posted by Tim)

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  1. Mountaintop aid station?

    Are you guys riding with team Rapha? ; )